The Gleaming Deeps

Hello everyone, we are a group called the Gleaming Deeps and we are going to take you on an adventure with the mysterious people of the Hatmehit. Fighting their enemies and uncovering more of their culture along the way as well as things hidden beneath the sea.


Jens Heika as Raver Khama'at

Evildragonhunter as Meri Khama'at


Deep ones

Citizens of Galientis (Codename Daemon) - blue skin, horns out of chin might symbolize magic potential? Seems pretty low when it comes to intelligence department.

Unknown (Codename Human) - human skin, looks similar to a human I guess, seems adept at magic and sword play, shares some history with the Hatmehit seemingly allies. Knows the name of our spirit and city, apparently visited it at some point.

Retrieve the spear of Takhea from ruins of Dideth if you fail to retrieve it then make sure its missing.

Time limit: 4 days

Time remaining: 2 days ?

In case of failure to return we will be branded as traitors.

What have we done!

Why is this spear so important?

Where the hell are we?

How much time has passed?

We had allies?

Why is the name of the spirit unknown?

Who are the creatures leading the deep ones?

What is the silver mound.

What was the object that fell from the sky?

How do we even know about this place?

Why did the deep ones commander demand tribute?

What happened to those inside the wall of bubbles?

Will we ever make it home?

Why does Jens love cats so much?

Why is the universe against us?

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