Our World is dying. The stories told around the ashes of lost kingdoms, of a world full of abundance, peace, color, of…life ring hollow in our ear… Our world has moved on, time has turned without us. Our peoples, who once spread to every corner of Eanto, who harnessed the world's mysteries, fight over what scraps of land that remain untouched by the ever changing ruins that carve their way across the face of Eanto. These places, filled with relics of bygone eras, are the heart of what civilization remains. Wars are waged and territories are claimed with the artifacts and knowledge brought back by those fools who explore the mysteries left before the world moved on. We happy few, who brave these unknowable places, who seek what truth we can, hoping to change our fates, to save our people, our families, or to just protect what little corners of the ash we call our own.



RedReaper/Meria /Kidd:


Vakk/Bernard /Gerald:

Lost Worlds Towers: Starting location with a fountain of a armless figure that filled with magic/light and two towers, one broken that took us to a death cult room where we found blue blooded creatures and artifacts of in an alter.(Red: type out what the old lady you found did and said before you died)

Founding Forest: A small forest surrounding the exit of the Lost Worlds Towers. Stepping to deep into it made the tower disappear, stranding us on a new plane or world. Spirit guardians of the forest appeared to us, offering a triangle part to complete an anchor point for Aura walking.

Pathway Puddle: An Oasis found on the other side of the Lost Worlds Towers. It and the Founding Forest were the only landmarks in that ash world. A water spirit was guarding the broken triangle, entering the pool caused the guardian to pull the trespasser underwater, freeze the top of the water, and hold them at the triangle location to fix it or die.

Tri-Island Keep: A temple or stronghold on a desert Island that is part of a group of 3 islands in what appears to be a water world. We meet a race of Purple Rock soldiers in service of a “Dusk Empress” and her empire. Each Island is controlled by a different race, that fight over ownership of the 3 Triangles, one on each island, in what seems to be a never ending war or stalemate.

The Sovereign Realms of Freylia:

Dusk Empire

Ash Sorcerer's Kingdom

Jilian Mages Guild


Freylian (Fra-le-an):


Voka(Vo-Kah): A primitive tribal race that lives in close harmony with well trained animals (only seen a bat dog hybrid). They are expert trackers and scavengers able to live off the land. Little is known other then they speak a different language and come from a world with only 2 suns.



Quartzsleepers: A purple rock race that grows for every year its alive and has the ability to summon smaller aspects of itself (max 2 per original) that keep shrinking in size but gaining speed. They wield large battle axes and are expert craftsmen and warriors. Potentially the last of their race, their home world ( where they were created) was under attack, and its been years since they received any aid from it or other allied worlds/planes.


Porcodogos: Large quadrupedal animals that are adept at moving above and below ground. They resemble large wolves mixed with porcupines but are blind, traveling and sensing based on sound waves and likely echo location. Yet despite their blindness they have the ability to launch poison spines at distant prey. They are quick hunters, that work in packs equally adept at running you down or setting ambushes.

Chironis (Ky- ron -is) (Vassik) :


Ash Deverish: The Invisible elite soldiers of the Ash Sorcerer. They carry a long shimmering sword, able to slice through stone or armor like its not even there. Ash will also not stick to them (maybe) or be displaced so they cant e tracked that way. Only time we saw them they came from underground.

Giant 6 Arm Zombie Titan:

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